Un-Official Dress-up, Officially Awesome!

We are in the last week of our first two projects, our Frida Kahlo visual diary paintings and our juxtaposition drawings. Students had their choice to work on either of these during un-official dress-up day. Also, Hippie Liza was willing to provide an interview about her process. Enjoy!

6th Grade: Symbolic Journey Paintings

The major goal of this project is anti-bias and cultural understanding when viewing art. Although we are usually encouraged to bring our own experience and ideas to the table when interpreting art, we can also greatly misinterpret works of art. Tremendous damage can be done to other cultures when we view them from strictly one lens. We began this project with an anti-bias symbol activity, then launched into symbolic paintings inspired by Aboriginal Australian painting.


The main goal of this project is to understand the concept of juxtaposition and the intriguing, powerful results when paring text with image. We used the artist, Ed Ruscha, as a source of inspiration, discussing how his work illuminates the strangeness of billboard slogans interrupting the landscape, creating new unexpected experiences and meanings. Additionally, students further developed their skills with value, scale, and proportion.