6th Grade Culmination

“The Art of Communication” was a challenge that involved drawing basic shapes in 3-D and using drawing and verbal correspondence together as a way to communicate an idea about a structure. This project was the culmination of our brief unit focused on architecture. The girls worked in teams and assumed various roles. These included the “eyes” who made drawings from a lego structure, the “runners” who received the drawings and instructions, the “buyers” who selected lego pieces specified in the instructions, and the “builders” who attempted to make a replica structure of the one seen by the “eyes.” In many ways, this was a complex form of the game of telephone. Additionally, they performed this task in front of an audience under a time deadline, testing their patience and communication skills in a stressful environment.

5th Grade Salmon Watercolor Paintings

In the wake the 5th Grade Cedar River field-trip where the girls had a truly “hands-on” experience with the running salmon, we started our salmon watercolors. Every student has either an image of the saltwater or freshwater phase of a native salmon. They employed observational drawing skills, including shape recognition, to make freehand drawings. Then, they learned how to transfer a rough-sketch onto a final piece of paper for their final image using direct-transfer. Finally, we’ve been working with watercolor applying color “light to dark.” Well done 5th Graders!

8th Grade: Trip to SAM

We took a field-trip to SAM on Friday to explore the permanent collection and the Luminous: Art of Asia exhibition. In addition to feeding their imaginations for their work this year, we explored themes of art connecting to history and personal identities. The highlight for many was the video/sculptural installation by Korean Artist, Do Ho Suh, who also made the “dog tag robe” in the permanent collection. Enjoy the pictures!