6th Grade Packing Tape Figures

In our final push for culmination, the 6th graders are creating life-sized figure sculptures with packing tape. This project is designed to compliment the self-portrait drawing by exploring another side to representing the figure, and it will also compliment the scientific explorations of the human body currently being studied in science. Our learning from this project includes:
-Group collaboration and cooperation, including creating consensus with an idea
-Generating ideas through figure gesture sketching
-Exploring guidelines for proportion and movement of the body
-Greater understanding of how the body is constructed
-Knowledge of contemporary artists working in the genre of figure sculpture

6th Grade Self-portraits

Currently, the 6th Graders are closing in on finishing their self portrait drawings. They have put many hours into these drawings, started after winter break. Here are a few of the skills and ideas that have been emphasized:

-Creating a range of values (including understanding different pencils and their relative values)
-Shading and blending
-Using a grid and measurements for proportion
-Relativity of value
-Recognizing and understanding value shapes
-Understanding goals of photorealism (in relation to other forms of representational drawing)