Congratulations 5th Graders!!!

The 5th Graders completed their final culmination of the year last night!!! In art, we focused on stop-motion animation for the latter half of the second term. Our culminating project was a short animated film that describes the journeys of a water droplet on the Cedar and Green/Duwamish Rivers, and it was scored by the students in music class. I caught up with seven of the fifth graders at lunch, and they did a fabulous job describing the project!

Below are the animations presented at last night’s culmination

Congratulations 7th Graders!!!

Students worked for several weeks selecting a problem or issue that they were passionate about, developing an action plan to help solve that problem “at the faucet,” developing and implementing an action plan that addressed one or more root causes of the problem, and creating an art piece that conveyed their issue!! We think that you will be impressed by the power of their activism, the eloquence of their words and the creative spirit with which they became change agents.

(Check out the interview with Liza and Isabelle explaining the project!)