Experiencing art & Architecture

Here are some main goals for the unit:
1. Gain foundational drawing skills, including understanding space, perspective, and scale through the lens of architecture
2. Get students excited about architecture and reveal how it weaves together art and creativity with many other skills (math, geometry, community, technology, history, etc.)
1. Gain insights to the creative process (from inspiration and dreaming to execution, including overcoming obstacles)

A few things to look for during this unit:
1. Understanding scale and ability to make scaled drawings
2. Creation 3-D forms and space using one and two point perspective
3. Basic computer modeling skills using Google Sketch-up

Art and Social Change Symposium

It was a proud day for SGS as six students showed their 7th Grade Pay it Forward Pieces. The most common reaction I witnessed while being a fly-on-the-wall was viewers commenting on how refreshing it was to see artists directly taking on their subject with confidence. Then, after reading the wall-text and statements, they exclaimed surprised, “Wait, this is student work!” I was able to make some positive connections for SGS and the art work did some networking as well. Overall, it was a very proud moment for art at SGS, and our students–I only wish I would have been able to show all of the students’ work.

Overview of Curriculum 5th-8th

Resident Artist -Kyle Cook

• This is my fourth year as Resident Artist at SGS
• My wife is also an artist and the art teacher at Seattle Prep; we have a 2 year-old daughter, Harper
• I received my MFA degree from Boston University, then lived in NYC prior to moving to Seattle
• I appreciate the title “Resident Artist” because it emphasizes that my own work is integral to my teaching
• I closed up my studio in March to build a studio next to our house–we broke ground last week!

7th Grade Visual Diary Assemblage

This project is a visual “self-reflection” that explores art as an outlet for our personal experience. The imagery draws upon student’s personal history, hopes, and fears using symbolism and free-association, and it incorporates mixed-media techniques, including panting, collage, and text. This multi-layered approach is literal and metaphorical as students create a physical representation of the layers of their experience. We were particularly inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo and Joseph Cornell for this project.