7th Grade: Juxtaposition

The main goal of this project is to understand the concept of juxtaposition and the intriguing, powerful results when paring text with image. We used the artist, Ed Ruscha, as a source of inspiration, discussing how his work illuminates the strangeness of billboard slogans interrupting the landscape, creating new unexpected experiences and meanings. Additionally, students further developed their skills with value, scale, and proportion.
Check out the videos where students share their progress!

5th Grade: Marine Phyla Mosaics

The 5th Grade is gearing up for their first SGS culmination on February 13th. They will be presenting three art projects, including their salmon watercolors, folk-tale collage, and their group marine phylum mosaics. They have been working in their culmination groups to create a representation of an animal from the marine phylum they are studying. They have been working with the double-indirect method of mosaic where they first apply the glass to contact paper to keep it from moving. When the image is complete, it will be adhered to concrete then grouted.