Accordion Books

Each 5th grade artist has completed her first handmade book of the year, a meticulously crafted accordion book!  Through this project, artists were introduced to essential bookbinding skills: measuring, tearing, gluing, and “casing in” (gluing pages to covers).  They also built on the printmaking techniques they learned through their self portraits, and were introduced to the concept of the “artist book.”

Now that the books are completed, artists are using them as sketchbooks as they complete a series of drawing exercises.  This is an exercise in letting go and not being too “precious” with their books, as they allow themselves to take drawing risks, make mistakes, and focus on the process of making marks rather than the outcome of each sketch.  Once the pages are filled with evidence of their drawing practice, artists will transform their books with paint, collage, and lettering to create mixed-media artist books.

IMG_1173 IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1178 IMG_1181 IMG_1190 IMG_1194 IMG_1198