Building Drawing Skills

Now that their accordion books are completed, artists are using them as sketchbooks as they complete a series of drawing exercises.  This is an exercise in letting go and not being too “precious” with their books, as they allow themselves to take drawing risks, make mistakes, and focus on the process of making marks rather than the outcome of each sketch.

Students have learned about drawing pencils, created shading scales, practiced a variety of shading techniques, mastered the art of letting go through “blind contour” drawings, and begun to put their skills to use through still life drawing.

Drawing in the garden on a beautiful sunny “Pajama Day” a couple weeks ago:

IMG_1356 IMG_1353 IMG_1349 IMG_1345 IMG_1336 IMG_1326 IMG_1322 IMG_1319 IMG_1315 IMG_1313 IMG_1308