In preparation for incorporating text into their mixed-media artist books, 5th grade artists have begun to learn the art of calligraphy!  Practicing the basic strokes and doing practice exercises allows students to build the necessary skills to successfully form graceful and elegant letters, as well as slow down and engage in a mindfulness practice.

We reviewed the three elements of skillful calligraphy: consistent size, consistent spacing, and consistent slant.  These principles are also applicable to neat handwriting in general.

As artists practice calligraphy, they are contemplating the text they will add to their mixed-media artist books.  The finished products will tell a visual and written story about this art making process.

calligraphy calligraphy 2 calligraphy 3 calligraphy 4 apple mixed media book Sophia's book working on books

Building Drawing Skills

Now that their accordion books are completed, 5th grade artists are using them as sketchbooks as they complete a series of drawing exercises.  This is an exercise in letting go and not being too “precious” with their books, as they allow themselves to take drawing risks, make mistakes, and focus on the process of making marks rather than the outcome of each sketch.

Through learning about drawing pencils, creating shading scales, practicing a variety of shading techniques, completing blind contour drawings, and drawing from still life subjects, students are challenging themselves to take their drawing skills to the next level!

Drawing in the garden on a beautiful, sunny “Pajama Day” afternoon:

IMG_1356 IMG_1353 IMG_1349 IMG_1345 IMG_1336 IMG_1326 IMG_1322 IMG_1319 IMG_1315 IMG_1308 IMG_1313