Drawing Comics!

5th grade artists have been working hard to create their own comic zines!  They began this process by examining the speech bubbles, facial expressions, characters, and panel composition in an assortment of comic books and graphic novels.  Then, they brainstormed characters, settings, and plots, and began drawing their own comics.  Mini-lessons throughout this project have included how to show emotion through eyes, eyebrows, and mouths; how to draw simple cartoon hands; strategies for showing motion; how to draw block letters in print and cursive; elements of neat handwriting; using speech and thought bubbles effectively, and more.  Each student will ink over her comic and create a hand-bound (using the pamphlet stitch) comic zine that she will be able to share with friends and family!

Ada Drawing Ally Drawing Audrey's Comic C's Comic Chloe Drawing Evan Drawing Eyes Georgia and Delaney Drawing Lucy Drawing More Eyes

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