“Inside / Outside” Encaustic Paintings

7th grade artists have been working hard, using beeswax, collage, graphite transfer paper, oil pastels, and oil paint to create mixed-media encaustic paintings that represent their inside and outside worlds.  Their “inside worlds” include qualities  that represent who they really are on the inside: hopes, fears, memories, feelings, identities, ideas, and other truths.  Their “outside worlds” include others’ perceptions, influences from friends, family, school, and media, likes and dislikes, stereotypes, and assumptions that affect them.  Artists intentionally chose colors, materials, and collage elements that symbolized specific concepts meaningful to them personally, and had fun practicing and experimenting with this new medium!

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6th Grade Symbolic Journey: Color, Space, and Shape

The Sixth Graders are in the middle of their Fall Unit focusing on color, shape, and space. Inspired by the video game, Monument Valley, their final, ambitious project from this unit will be a 3-D, isometric maze that references unique, individual symbols about their life’s journey. This goal overlaps with larger Sixth Grade themes of identity development. Throughout this unit, students learn to draw shapes in 3-D using the isometric approach, create light & shadow, create color wheels to strengthen mixing skills, and brainstorm meaningful concepts for their paintings.

Check out the students progress on their isometric shape drawings!

Mixed-Media Encaustic Painting : Inside / Outside

7th grade artists have begun experimenting and practicing working with beewax, collage, graphite transfer paper, and oils to create layered artwork.  Next, they will use these skills to create a mixed-media painting that explores their inside and outside worlds.  Each artist can be collecting collage items from her own life to include in her painting.  Things like old letters, doodles, ticket stubs, envelopes, photos (printed on plain, non-glossy paper), maps, newspapers, and anything else on non-glossy paper can be incorporated into these paintings.

Inside_Outside Painting