The Art of the Puppet

Continuing with the theme of “Creating Characters,” 5th grade artists have been exploring the art of the puppet.  After viewing examples and discussing the ways puppets have contributed to cultural and social movements, students began to make their own handcrafted paper mâché hand puppets.  Their options for inspirations included visions of their future selves or who they would be if they were an animal (most chose an animal, or combined the two options).

The process began by creating base forms of newspaper held together with masking tape, with tagboard tubes to create the puppets’ neck.  At this point, it was difficult to envision how these could transform into beautiful, expressive characters!  Our artists pushed through, using tagboard and newspaper to build up their forms into dynamic sculptural creations with noses, snouts, foreheads, horns, ears, cheeks, mouths, and more!  The next step was applying multiple layers of paper mâché, working to create a smooth, even and durable surface.  Artists then painted their puppets, showing expression, personality, and mood through the eyes, eyebrows, and mouths of their characters.   Moving forward, artists will sew “outfits” for the puppets using salvaged fabric scraps and then attach the two pieces to create a finished puppet.

Ainsley, Natalie, Penny Charlotte 1  MathildeHannah HSinaiSylviaCharlotte, Hannah H, Cypress Mathilde 2  Frances 2  Natalie Sophia 2   Lola Frances Sofia Sinai 2  TW painting  Lola and Cypress Hannah M PennyCyressMaraHannah M 2

6th Grade Stop Motion Animation

The Sixth Grade worked in groups to create several stop motion, animated videos. A major goal of this project was for students to work within their groups to discover how a stop-motion film is made, how to access information and how to use the technology to create one.

Ally, Ada, Aislin Fireworks from Kyle Cook on Vimeo.

Faith, Karina, Isabella from Kyle Cook on Vimeo.

Isabella, Karina Faith T from Kyle Cook on Vimeo.

Erica Drew and Erin from Kyle Cook on Vimeo.

Art Animations 2 Ava L. Claire Brooklyn from Kyle Cook on Vimeo.

Lola, Kyla, Luna stop moton #2 from Kyle Cook on Vimeo.


8th Grade Production: In the Homestretch!

It’s been a busy time for 8th Grade Students as many film and edit their final scenes for the 8th Grade Movie: The Inheritance. Their teamwork and collaboration skills continue to grow throughout this process–on Tuesday, their outstanding teamwork as a class were evident as we filmed our off-campus all group scene. Enjoy these pictures of the shoot!