Encaustic Painting

7th grade artists have been working hard, using beeswax, collage, graphite transfer paper, and oil paint as they learn the ancient art form of encaustic  painting.  It has been an honor to witness their joy, creativity, and flexibility as they practice challenging techniques and work to get results with which they are satisfied!

Soon, 7th graders will apply their skills to create mixed-media encaustic paintings on wood panels that represent their inside and outside worlds.  Their “inside worlds” include qualities that represent who they truly are on the inside: hopes, fears, memories, feelings, identities, ideas, and other truths.  Their “outside worlds” include others’ perceptions, influences from friends, family, school, and media, likes and dislikes, stereotypes, and assumptions that affect them.  Artists will intentionally choose colors, materials, and collage elements that symbolized specific concepts meaningful to them personally.  In addition, they will apply at least one principle of design to their piece in order to create a strong composition.

See below for photos and the final painting assignment handout.

img_7929 img_7933 img_7934img_7947 img_7945 img_7941 img_7949 img_7943 img_7940 img_7938 img_7936 img_7935

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