8th Grade: Point of Departure Project

8th Graders are currently working on two projects designed to build skills around brainstorming and developing personal ideas as they strive to create original works in preparation for Term 2, where they will be creating a series of thematically interconnected works for a culminating art exhibit. For their first project, students worked on a customized project connected to skills they wanted to learn and personal interests. Students worked with a variety of materials and built skills ranging from realistic drawing to mixed-media and photoshop. For their second project, Point of Departure, students created their own works based on individual experiences and a specific artistic reference. Projects range from Van Gogh inspired trees, paintings of the night sky, Banksy like stencils, and mixed media works inspired by the series, Stranger Things. The goal is for each student to make work that is unique and personally relevant while allowing them to build specific art skills.

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