8th Grade: Second Term Final Projects Underway!

Term Overview:

The primary goal of Art in Term 2 is for students to define art for themselves, creating personal connections to art through the development of unique, independent projects. Their process involves brainstorming and research as they strive to develop multiple works around a common theme or concept. They seek inspiration from other artists and strive to sustain their creative ideas long enough to acquire new skills, overcome obstacles, and make discoveries. This term culminates with an art exhibition, where their work is paired with a written artist statement describing their experience and artistic goals.

So far this term, students have set a direction for their work by beginning a project description that will evolve into a polished artist statement. They have also been making sketches and researching other artists for inspiration. Some have begun the first steps of laying out their ideas to begin their projects, ranging from video art, photography, realistic and abstract painting, computer illustration, and mixed media. Enjoy these pictures from the studio!

6th Grade: Avatar Masks

Avatar Masks: Nearing Completion!

Project Description: You are your future self, in the year 2056, and you’ve decided to visit your past, 6th Grade self in the form of an Avatar to give your 6th Grade self advice, pose warnings of the future, and share hopeful knowledge about the state of the world and universe. In order for your consciousness to travel time and take on a physical manifestation, you must design an Avatar mask. This mask is the physical embodiment of your identities, knowledge, hopes and fears.

Project Goals: Working from the 6th Grade Theme of identity, students are using symbolism to highlight aspects of their core values to be embodied in their Avatar Masks. We focused this project on the work of artist, Nick Cave, who creates elaborate “Soundsuits” that incorporate dance and movement. A major theme in 6th Grade Art is building upon a solid foundation and for this project, we focused on the skill of armature building. Students constructed their armatures with wood using drills and saws before adding paper mache, and more specific design features. This project is a collaboration with 6th Grade Humanities and Performance Studies. Later in the term, students will be wearing their masks in a brief performance.  Enjoy pictures of the process!