Block Printing in Progress

Fifth grade artists are creating block prints!  With enthusiasm, creativity, joy, and care, our students are designing and transferring images, carving a block, and creating an edition of prints.  Project goals include creating a bold design that incorporates a variety of line widths and directions, learning how to properly roll and apply ink, understanding the elements of a successful print, and practicing a professional artist signature for a limited edition of fine art prints.  Ask your fifth grader to describe their design, and see the photos below for a peek into the artistic process.


Artists brainstormed design ideas, then sketched their final ideas on paper.


Once the sketch is complete, artists use graphite paper to transfer the image to the block.


With great care and focus, artists trace over their design with a sharp pencil to transfer the image.


Once the image is transferred onto the block, artists go over the lines with Sharpie for clarity.


This is also a great time to add details or make creative changes to the design, before the carving begins.


Once artists are satisfied with the image, they can begin carving!


Artists are encouraged to consider the direction of each line that they carve.


Artists exclaimed, “This is so satisfying!” and “I love this!” as they began to carve.


Artists also consider both the positive and negative space of their designs, asking themselves, “which parts do I want to be the color of the paper, and which parts do I want to be the color of the ink?”


Each line will become part of the final print, but the outcome is still a mystery during the carving process.


The room was quiet as each artist worked with focus and intention.


Each print will tell a story, capture a moment, or express a passion of its artist.


Next week, artists will begin the inking and printing process!

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