6th Grade Symbolic Journey: Space, Illusion, & Color

We are in the homestretch with our last project of the year, our Symbolic Journey Project, where students are working with 3-D, isometric illusions and weaving together personal symbols to create a symbolic representation of their life story and connecting to 6th Grade themes exploring identity. During this unit, we explored color through the creation of color wheels. Students learned to mix secondary, tertiary, and neutral colors as well as tints, shades, and tones. We also explored the benefits of working with a limited palette and creating specific color interactions using the color wheel as a basis for understanding. These included complementary, analogous, and triad color systems. For our final project, we used the popular video game, Monument Valley, as a point of departure for our ideas and students applied their knowledge of color to their projects. Here are some pictures of their works–enjoy!