Seeing is Believing : Photography Unit

The students have been busy bees in art class, building up a portfolio of creative work for a Digital Gallery to share in the hallway and online with you! Thus far, we’ve explored nature photography, macro photography (making small things enormous), still lifes, and narrative stories told through images. We are editing photos in Photoshop to enhance clarity, color and make stylized (and oftentimes wacky) choices. After the break we are gearing up to create GIFs to spice up our email tags and move into taking portraits of each other. Below you will find a small peak through the window of our creative process thus far. The Digital Gallery will be shared with you just after March 7th, when it is due!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.12.19 AM (1)

“the True Inside” by Luisa


hannah the alien

“Untitled” and “Hannah The Alien” by Lauren Novak

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5th Grade Stop Motion Videos

Fifth Graders are in the middle of a unit on Stop Motion Animation. We have been learning the basic techniques of stop-motion, including taking frame by frame photos using small movements, then importing and editing these clips into videos using iMovie. Students have explored stop-motion using a variety of approaches and materials, from drawing to bringing everyday objects to life.  Enjoy their first round of videos!


(Grace’s video coming soon!)