Artistic Creations for Pay It Forward Begins

Term 3 kicks off with a renewed vigor in the classroom and a brand new unit: Pay it Forward! In this culminating unit, the students are given free-reign (within reason) to create an experiential art piece that accents / augments / or visually comments on their selected PIF project. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the students each chose an issue that means a great deal to them and now they are given the task of converting their research and their relationship to their subject into an art piece. The emphasis on this unit is freedom – the student can craft anything they wish as long as it fits in a 3x3x3 space! Some will opt for painting, some will create a film, some will create interactive installations, and others multi-media sculptures.

Each student will have the huge responsibility of planning their pieces from idea to reality, coming up with materials lists, and modifying their ideas so that their project can reach fruition. This will be a long term project that will require patience, adaptability, drive and being open to changes.

Currently, we are in the brainstorming stage, conceptualizing our ideas and creating mock-ups of their best ideas. As far as materials go, our art budget will cover “art-related” materials (ie. paint, canvas, paper mache, etc) but some students may be asking you for extraneous materials (ie. cloth, knick knacks, sewing materials) so please converse with them and see if they need your help. Keep in mind how amazing a thrift store can be for cheap items which they can weave into their art piece.

Their final drafts are due May 10th. Please let me know if you have any questions!