Pay It Forward was a massive success!

After so much effort and grinding, it finally happened, the PIF Art show occurred and the results were infectious and engaging and thought-provoking! The students did it! In achieving their visions, the students started off by conceptualizing a long term project that would resonate with their chosen PIF issue. They were asked to create pieces that would spark empathy and a change in thinking. For some, their work was about dispelling common misconceptions, for others it was about bringing harsh realities to light. The students kept their work open and subject to change and they worked with requested materials or brought their own in and worked non-stop in art class for almost two months. Please find a gaggle of photos below that show a sampling of some of the PIF projects, followed by some quotes of what they were most proud of this term.


IMG_0591 IMG_0593 2

IMG_0585 IMG_0624 IMG_0622 IMG_0619 IMG_0589 P1050105 mara Cypress1 Sylvia's Art Project Erica B. (PIF art photo) I wan this one Helen-BarbiePIF1

Some quotes from students on what they were most proud of in their artwork:

“I love my thin, precise technique that I used to draw the woman in my artwork. And the braids, they were very precise.”

“I am most proud of the representation of my art pieces because at the culmination people could easily understand the art and get the points I was conveying.”

“I liked that I used a 3D factor, so it wasn’t just a painting on a wall, but a more interactive piece that you can see on the inside and the outside.”

“I think my symbolism was really deep, and the way I got it across made my art really pretty.”

“I really like the whole thing. I think the box thing worked out really great, and I got a lot of compliments about it. A part about it I really like is the tiny plastic bags and bottles, because I really like making miniature stuff.”

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