6th Grade

Term Description:

Term Two in 6th Grade Art focuses on multiple approaches to representational drawing with the most emphasis placed on careful observation to draw what one sees. Students will gain an understanding that they can respond to a single drawing prompt with multiple drawing approaches and techniques. Throughout the term, they will practice composition, proportion and scale, use of line, shape recognition, and shading techniques to create light and shadow. Lastly, an important aspect of Term Two is artistic process as students will learn how to build a drawing slowly, giving them multiple opportunities to make modifications and improve. The bulk of students time will be spent developing a highly realistic self-portrait drawing.

6th Grade Avatar Masks!

Students are completing their Avatar Masks. This project integrates with the 6th Grade theme of identity, and students created “Avatar” masks, sculpting an otherworldly representation of their personal values and identities. Combining identity development, science-fiction, and sculpture, students looked at the work of Nick Cave for inspiration. We focused on the importance of building a strong foundation, or armature, to build our artistic ideas upon.

Here are some pictures of students working on their projects!

6th Grade Symbolic Journey: Space, Illusion, & Color

We are in the homestretch with our last project of the year, our Symbolic Journey Project, where students are working with 3-D, isometric illusions and weaving together personal symbols to create a symbolic representation of their life story and connecting to 6th Grade themes exploring identity. During this unit, we explored color through the creation of color wheels. Students learned to mix secondary, tertiary, and neutral colors as well as tints, shades, and tones. We also explored the benefits of working with a limited palette and creating specific color interactions using the color wheel as a basis for understanding. These included complementary, analogous, and triad color systems. For our final project, we used the popular video game, Monument Valley, as a point of departure for our ideas and students applied their knowledge of color to their projects. Here are some pictures of their works–enjoy!


6th Grade: Avatar Masks

Avatar Masks: Nearing Completion!

Project Description: You are your future self, in the year 2056, and you’ve decided to visit your past, 6th Grade self in the form of an Avatar to give your 6th Grade self advice, pose warnings of the future, and share hopeful knowledge about the state of the world and universe. In order for your consciousness to travel time and take on a physical manifestation, you must design an Avatar mask. This mask is the physical embodiment of your identities, knowledge, hopes and fears.

Project Goals: Working from the 6th Grade Theme of identity, students are using symbolism to highlight aspects of their core values to be embodied in their Avatar Masks. We focused this project on the work of artist, Nick Cave, who creates elaborate “Soundsuits” that incorporate dance and movement. A major theme in 6th Grade Art is building upon a solid foundation and for this project, we focused on the skill of armature building. Students constructed their armatures with wood using drills and saws before adding paper mache, and more specific design features. This project is a collaboration with 6th Grade Humanities and Performance Studies. Later in the term, students will be wearing their masks in a brief performance.  Enjoy pictures of the process!

Laying the Foundation: Drawing in 6th Grade Art

This year, a major goal for our 6th Grade Artists is to learn the importance of building ideas on a solid foundation. This can be interpreted symbolically–they need to brainstorm, research, and connect with their personal experience before making work that is rich and meaningful. It can also be interpreted literally, as in they will learn how to build their ideas on sketches and preliminary plans to solve problems and thoroughly flesh-out their ideas. Aiming to build more skills with drawing and sketching throughout the year, each Sixth Grader has their own sketchbook, and we begin each session with brief exercise to build foundational drawing skills. Recently, we practiced contour line and thumbnail sketching with basic shapes. For our first drawing project, students made drawings from a still-life, focusing on identifying basic shapes, arranging objects on their page with intention, proportion, and lightly building the structure of forms before adding details.  Here are some pictures of their works in progress!

Celebrating 6th Grade Symbolic Journey Mazes!

The Sixth Grade is finalizing their Symbolic Journey Paintings, wrapping up Term 1 focused on color, shape, and space. Students used symbols about their life’s journey, including obstacles they have faced and people who have supported them. They included these symbols in a 3-D, illusionistic space, created with isometric forms. Students also employed color mixing skills, including tints, shades, and tones to create specific, nuanced colors. Throughout this project, they gained more confidence mixing and applying gouache. Check out some photos of their work!