7th Grade

Artistic Creations for Pay It Forward Begins

Term 3 kicks off with a renewed vigor in the classroom and a brand new unit: Pay it Forward! In this culminating unit, the students are given free-reign (within reason) to create an experiential art piece that accents / augments / or visually comments on their selected PIF project. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the students each chose an issue that means a great deal to them and now they are given the task of converting their research and their relationship to their subject into an art piece. The emphasis on this unit is freedom – the student can craft anything they wish as long as it fits in a 3x3x3 space! Some will opt for painting, some will create a film, some will create interactive installations, and others multi-media sculptures.

Each student will have the huge responsibility of planning their pieces from idea to reality, coming up with materials lists, and modifying their ideas so that their project can reach fruition. This will be a long term project that will require patience, adaptability, drive and being open to changes.

Currently, we are in the brainstorming stage, conceptualizing our ideas and creating mock-ups of their best ideas. As far as materials go, our art budget will cover “art-related” materials (ie. paint, canvas, paper mache, etc) but some students may be asking you for extraneous materials (ie. cloth, knick knacks, sewing materials) so please converse with them and see if they need your help. Keep in mind how amazing a thrift store can be for cheap items which they can weave into their art piece.

Their final drafts are due May 10th. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hear Our Voice: Social Justice Art Field Trip

Today 7th grade artists adventured to Pioneer Square to the Center on Contemporary Art, where we explored the powerful and transformative exhibit “Hear Our Voice: Visual Art Selections Featured in the Women’s March on Washington and in Seattle.” We learned about the collection from Executive Director Nichole DeMent, who gifted each of us with a beautiful poster at the end of our visit.  This experience helped connect us with important social justice movements happening right now, as well as got us thinking about how artists can use images, text, and layout choices to invoke strong emotions and inspire viewers to take action.  Soon enough, each 7th grader will be creating their own piece of social justice art!  Ask your 7th grader to describe some of the posters that stood out to them today, and see the sequence of photos below to get a sense of the experience.

Listening to Nichole 1

First, we gathered together to listen and learn from Artist, Photographer, and Executive Director Nichole DeMent, who told us the story of this collection and described the unique journey of this non-profit art gallery.

Looking at ArtStudents explored the gallery and reflected in writing and sketching on these questions:

What issue does this piece address?

How do the colors, lettering style, image, and layout help to communicate the message?

Pretend you are an art critic. What strengths would you highlight about this piece?

How does this piece inspire to take action?

Writing PostcardsStudents had the opportunity to write to Congresspeople on postcards provided by the gallery, sharing their thoughts on our current political atmosphere and how they hope our elected officials will direct their work.

    Looking at Art 2

The posters sparked thoughtful conversations, insightful observations, and excellent questions, deepening our understanding of how visual art can contribute to and transform culture.

7th Grade at CoCA

Get ready world, these young artists are ready to inspire the world to take action!

7th Grade at CoCA 2Special thank you to Ms. Lulu and Kyle for joining us on this very special field trip!

See below for a selection of our students’ favorite pieces (Thank you Mia for the photos!).  Artist names will be added ASAP.

The Future is NowIMG_0166 IMG_0164 IMG_0171 IMG_0165 IMG_0168 IMG_0162 IMG_0161 IMG_0163

Encaustic Painting

7th grade artists have been working hard, using beeswax, collage, graphite transfer paper, and oil paint as they learn the ancient art form of encaustic  painting.  It has been an honor to witness their joy, creativity, and flexibility as they practice challenging techniques and work to get results with which they are satisfied!

Soon, 7th graders will apply their skills to create mixed-media encaustic paintings on wood panels that represent their inside and outside worlds.  Their “inside worlds” include qualities that represent who they truly are on the inside: hopes, fears, memories, feelings, identities, ideas, and other truths.  Their “outside worlds” include others’ perceptions, influences from friends, family, school, and media, likes and dislikes, stereotypes, and assumptions that affect them.  Artists will intentionally choose colors, materials, and collage elements that symbolized specific concepts meaningful to them personally.  In addition, they will apply at least one principle of design to their piece in order to create a strong composition.

See below for photos and the final painting assignment handout.

img_7929 img_7933 img_7934img_7947 img_7945 img_7941 img_7949 img_7943 img_7940 img_7938 img_7936 img_7935


Welcome to 7th Grade Art!

2016-17 will be a year of experimentation, playfulness, skill building, and problem solving.  Students will get their hands messy, take their ideas to the next level, and build foundational art skills as they learn about mixed media, sculpture, digital art, photography, activist art, and beyond.  They will learn the ancient art form of encaustic (beeswax) painting, express their inner and outer selves through an assemblage project, celebrate themselves and their community through photography and Photoshop, and practice using art to communicate, raise awareness, and inspire social change.  I look forward to a joyful year of creativity!