8th Grade

8th Grade Art

Term 1: Process, Brainstorming, Inspiration
Building ideas for individual projects

Term Description: Term 1 of 8th Grade Art focuses on broadening the students’ sense of what is possible in art and gaining an improved understanding of one’s role within the creative process. Students engage with art history and contemporary art through internet research and by visiting local art galleries—this is intended to give students ideas for their Term 2 individual projects. At the beginning of the term, students engage in personalized projects, designed from a personal reflection. Next, they create a “Point of Departure” project, working from specific points of personal interests. The goal is for students to complete Term 1 knowing how to generate ideas and approach the creative process with greater confidence.


  1. To generate independent artistic work, one must take an active role in the creative process, including looking at other artists and connecting to personal interests.
  2. Planning and preparation through drawing and sketching helps generate and solidify ideas.


  1. Can you demonstrate the ability to generate ideas and problem solve through brainstorm sketching, research, asking questions, and using feedback?
  2. Can you connect artwork that inspires you to your own creations (visually or conceptually)?
  3. Did you identify specific design fundamentals in your work and the work of others? Can you describe how design enhances the experience of the work?
  4. Can you identify and did you improve the individualized art skills specific to your individualized projects?
  5. Did you demonstrate consistent timelines, focus, and commitment to group clean-up as part of your overall work-habits?

Overview of Curriculum 5th-8th

Resident Artist -Kyle Cook

• This is my fourth year as Resident Artist at SGS
• My wife is also an artist and the art teacher at Seattle Prep; we have a 2 year-old daughter, Harper
• I received my MFA degree from Boston University, then lived in NYC prior to moving to Seattle
• I appreciate the title “Resident Artist” because it emphasizes that my own work is integral to my teaching
• I closed up my studio in March to build a studio next to our house–we broke ground last week!

Congratulations 8th Graders!!!

After working with many of these students for two and three years, it was very exciting to see the culmination of their art experience at SGS. This particular class had been craving the freedom to explore their own ideas since sixth grade, and it was exciting to see how they took advantage of the opportunity and developed such a wide range of individual expression. This year the worked ranged from abstract painting to sculpture, photography, fashion design, and mixed-media work, and there were stunning examples of video production and video art. Well done 8th graders!!!

Below is a sampling of images from the opening reception. Enjoy!

8th Grade Ideas In-Progress

Currently, the 8th Graders are developing their ideas for their final exhibitions in April at the Vera Project at Seattle Center. This is typically the time of year where the students begin to find an idea that they can truly sink their teeth into and develop multiple works from a single theme. It is also the time of year for working through mistakes and misjudgments, a routine part of the artistic process. This class is pushing art in so many directions this term, including fashion, mixed-media/sculpture, video, photo and photo collage, conceptual art, painting, drawing, and even art with candy!

8th Grade: Trip to SAM

We took a field-trip to SAM on Friday to explore the permanent collection and the Luminous: Art of Asia exhibition. In addition to feeding their imaginations for their work this year, we explored themes of art connecting to history and personal identities. The highlight for many was the video/sculptural installation by Korean Artist, Do Ho Suh, who also made the “dog tag robe” in the permanent collection. Enjoy the pictures!