Collaboration underscores the art experience at SGS.  The majority of projects involve thematic collaboration with all grade teams with the belief that engaging ideas through different channels provides greater context and more thorough understanding.  Fifth and Sixth Grade often engage in skill-building projects designed to grow confidence with foundational art skills, such as value drawing and color mixing.  Seventh and Eighth Grade often engage critical thinking with greater independence, developing skills around highly ambitious ideas.  Projects include conceptual works about social justice themes and deeper investigations of identity.  The art experience at SGS culminates with a final 8th Grade exhibition at Seattle Center, after a year of independent artistic exploration.


Major Goals for Art Students at SGS:

•Believing that you are an artist capable of making a profound artistic statement and participating in art at the cultural level
•Creating in an environment that encourages creativity and allows for different methods and approaches to solving problems
•Connecting Art to personal interests and daily experience
•Revealing the world of art making, both past and contemporary and the many forms art can take on