5th Grade Stop Motion Videos

Fifth Graders are in the middle of a unit on Stop Motion Animation. We have been learning the basic techniques of stop-motion, including taking frame by frame photos using small movements, then importing and editing these clips into videos using iMovie. Students have explored stop-motion using a variety of approaches and materials, from drawing to bringing everyday objects to life.  Enjoy their first round of videos!


(Grace’s video coming soon!)

6th Grade Avatar Masks!

Students are completing their Avatar Masks. This project integrates with the 6th Grade theme of identity, and students created “Avatar” masks, sculpting an otherworldly representation of their personal values and identities. Combining identity development, science-fiction, and sculpture, students looked at the work of Nick Cave for inspiration. We focused on the importance of building a strong foundation, or armature, to build our artistic ideas upon.

Here are some pictures of students working on their projects!

5th Grade Native Bird Watercolor Paintings

5th Graders are making realistic paintings of a native northwest birds. Through this project, they are practicing shape recognition and building more complex, realistic forms from basic shapes. Additionally, they are working on building an image, with drawing and watercolor, slowly from light to dark to give themselves more flexibility to make adjustments and refine their images. We looked at the work of John James Audubon as an inspiration for this project with a specific focus on how he fills the frame and composes his paintings.

Skill Goals:


  • Drawing basic shapes from observation & practicing proportion
  • Using basic shapes to create a light foundational underdrawing
  • Drawing what you see
  • Filling the frame (composition)
  • Adding specific details and character through contour line
  • Layering watercolor, light to dark
  • Color mixing
  • Control of the medium and precision