Celebrating Good Work: Photography & Photoshop Unit is Complete!

Congratulations are in order for our 7th grade artists!  Each student explored elements of photography (composition, shutter speed, and aperture) and put together a portfolio of their best photographs–below is a sample of each student’s work.

Students went on to create their own “Celebrate People’s History” posters using portrait photography and Photoshop.  While learning Photoshop can be overwhelming at first, they persevered through challenges and created dynamic, powerful works of graphic art!  Soon these posters will be on display in the front hallway at school — be sure to check them out when you have a chance!

Audrey Bella Belle Cecilia emerging Chloe forest Dasaani Emma Genevieve Grace Hana Hanna Isabel Isabella Izzy Jackie Jai Karlee Kira Kyleigh Leila Lilli Maya Megan Meredith Nia Nina Lights Rowan Sadie Sophia Sophie Sydney Wynsome Zanaasha Zoe

Photography Assignment #1: Composition

Photography Assignment #1: Focus on Composition

Take nine photos, one for each compositional approach (described in the handout below). The goal is for each photo to have a strong, captivating composition. The subjects of the photos are anything that is meaningful and intriguing to you. (Examples: Portraits of friends, family, or pets; plants or trees; action scenes such as sports or activities; create a still life using interesting objects…)

Come to class on Wednesday, January 6th with your camera and computer, ready to describe which compositional approach you used for each photo.

Photography Composition Tips