Overview of Curriculum 5th-8th

Resident Artist -Kyle Cook

• This is my fourth year as Resident Artist at SGS
• My wife is also an artist and the art teacher at Seattle Prep; we have a 2 year-old daughter, Harper
• I received my MFA degree from Boston University, then lived in NYC prior to moving to Seattle
• I appreciate the title “Resident Artist” because it emphasizes that my own work is integral to my teaching
• I closed up my studio in March to build a studio next to our house–we broke ground last week!

7th Grade Visual Diary Assemblage

This project is a visual “self-reflection” that explores art as an outlet for our personal experience. The imagery draws upon student’s personal history, hopes, and fears using symbolism and free-association, and it incorporates mixed-media techniques, including panting, collage, and text. This multi-layered approach is literal and metaphorical as students create a physical representation of the layers of their experience. We were particularly inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo and Joseph Cornell for this project.

Congratulations 7th Graders!!!

Students worked for several weeks selecting a problem or issue that they were passionate about, developing an action plan to help solve that problem “at the faucet,” developing and implementing an action plan that addressed one or more root causes of the problem, and creating an art piece that conveyed their issue!! We think that you will be impressed by the power of their activism, the eloquence of their words and the creative spirit with which they became change agents.

(Check out the interview with Liza and Isabelle explaining the project!)

7th Grade Screen-printing

Currently, the 7th graders are learning to screen-print, using a simplified method that one could apply anywhere, without access to a professional art studio or photo-emulsion chemicals. A stencil on contact paper is cut out by an x-acto knife and adhered to a silk-screen, blocking out sections of the screen. We began the unit in groups exploring posters as a form of activism. We looked at the work of the Guerilla Girls, a group of anonymous women artists who address inequities in the art world with witty posters and art installations. The students first made group posters addressing an issue they agreed on, then moved into individual t-shirt designs


The main goal of this project is to understand the concept of juxtaposition and the intriguing, powerful results when paring text with image. We used the artist, Ed Ruscha, as a source of inspiration, discussing how his work illuminates the strangeness of billboard slogans interrupting the landscape, creating new unexpected experiences and meanings. Additionally, students further developed their skills with value, scale, and proportion.